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Your business location is more than just a space – it’s the foundation of your operations and the key to your success. At Ferraro & Singh, we understand the significance of commercial leasing in shaping your business’s journey towards growth and stability.


Our Commercial Leasing services are designed to provide you with the certainty and peace of mind you need when navigating complex lease agreements and landlord-tenant relationships. With meticulous attention to detail and a focus on protecting your interests whether you are the landlord or the tenant, we are dedicated to ensuring that your commercial leasing transactions are smooth, transparent, and tailored to your unique business requirements.

How can we assist your business?

Lease Negotiation

We can assist you in negotiating leases to ensure favourable terms and conditions that align with your business needs.

Lease Drafting and Review

We can draft and review lease agreements to protect your interests and avoid potential disputes in the future.

Lease Renewals and Extensions

We can advise you on lease renewals, extensions, variations, and terminations to help you make informed decisions about your commercial property as a landlord or business as a tenant.

Landlord-Tenant Relations

We are able to provide you with legal guidance on landlord-tenant relationships, compliance with lease obligations, and resolving conflicts that may arise during the lease term.

Property Due Diligence

We are able to conduct due diligence on commercial properties to assess risks, obligations, and liabilities associated with leasing agreements.

Subleasing and Assignments

We can assist you with subleasing arrangements, lease assignments, and other transfer of lease arrangements.

Lease Disputes and Litigation

We can represent you in lease disputes, including evictions, breach of contract claims, and other legal matters related to commercial leases.

Lease Compliance

We can assist in ensuring you comply with legal obligations, lease terms, and regulatory requirements throughout the duration of your commercial lease.

Rent Review Negotiations

We can assist you in negotiating rent reviews, rental adjustments, and lease renewals to optimise cost-effective agreements.

Property Disputes Resolution

We can represent you in disputes related to property maintenance, lease breaches, insurance claims, and other conflicts arising from commercial leasing agreements.

Subletting and Assigning

We can advise you when it comes to subletting opportunities, assignments, and subleases to maximise your assets and mitigate risks.

Lease Termination

We provide legal guidance on lease terminations, exit strategies, and compliance with notice periods when you are ending a commercial lease agreement.

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With our more than 30 years experience, we have learned that commercial agreements are only as watertight as the legal documents that define them. We strongly believe that the strength of your commercial agreements depends on how well they are drafted and prepared, and that a well-prepared document will save you trouble and uncertainty well into the future.


We have a stellar track record of successful outcomes, and many satisfied clients who continue to engage us to prepare their commercial leases as well as recommending us to others.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, get in touch with our commercial law team for experienced commercial lease advice.

Our Commercial Leasing Team

Catherine Micallef

Business Law, Commercial Law and Property Law

Catherine Micallef

Business Law, Commercial Law and Property Law

Catherine Micallef

Business Law, Commercial Law and Property Law

Ania Cietrzewska


Ania Cietrzewska


Ania Cietrzewska


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