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Litigation & Commercial Disputes

Navigating Legal Conflicts with Expertise and Support

In the complex world of business disputes and litigation, Ferraro & Singh Lawyers stand by your side, offering more than just legal counsel. We understand the challenges businesses face and we’re dedicated to providing tailored solutions to resolve conflicts effectively.


Our team prioritises clear communication and unwavering support during times of uncertainty. We bring a wealth of experience to the table, and we are committed to guiding businesses towards favourable outcomes and swift resolutions.

We Can Assist With

Our focus is on
  • Resolution before court if possible
  • Analytical understanding of the issues involved
  • Educating and informing you, to put you in a position of control
  • Strategic plans for resolving disputes
  • Representing and advocating for you
How can you reduce your risks?

Can you foresee potential disputes arising within your business or industry? Or would you benefit from a legal appraisal to identify disputes and conflicts before they arise?


We can help you take a proactive approach to risk management in your business or commercial enterprise. Rather than waiting for potential disputes to arise, we can help you develop strategic plans and protocols aimed at resolving disputes quickly and effectively. This can be part of a comprehensive legal risk assessment and management strategy.

For litigation concerns and commercial disputes, contact our experienced advisors.

Our Services

Our proactive and resolution-focused services can save you lengthy and expensive court costs. We can assist with many commercial legal services, including:

We can facilitate negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and other methods to resolve disputes without going to court. Our focus is on saving you the time and cost of court by swift resolution.

We can assist in resolving disagreements over contract terms, breaches of contract, or contract interpretation.

We can represent businesses in claims related to unfair competition, fraud, interference with contracts, defamation, and other wrongful actions that harm your business financially.

We can handle disputes with employees, such as wrongful termination, discrimination claims, wage disputes, and harassment allegations.

We can give you legal representation in cases involving infringement of patents, trademarks, copyrights, or trade secrets.

We can assist businesses in recovering debts owed by customers, vendors, or other entities.

We can advise on compliance with laws and regulations to prevent disputes and legal actions.

We can evaluate potential legal risks in business operations and provide strategies to mitigate those risks before disputes arise.

Representing you in court for disputes related to contracts, partnerships, wrongful actions, and other commercial matters.

We can assist creditors in protecting their rights in bankruptcy proceedings or collection actions.

We can represent businesses in disputes with insurance companies over coverage, claims, or benefits.

We can assist in enforcing court judgments or orders to ensure businesses receive the compensation or remedies they are entitled to.

We can initiate the legal bankruptcy process to provide you legal protection from creditors, represent you at meetings and assist you to reach settlements.

We can give you advice on a liquidation strategy, prepare and file necessary documents, communicate with any relevant stakeholders and assist with your compliance and reporting.

We advocate for a fair and favourable resolution, providing closure to the dispute, protecting your rights, and enabling you to move forward with confidence and peace of mind.

What happens after litigation?

We take a strategic approach following any litigation

Post-litigation Assessment

We can conduct a thorough review of the litigation outcome, identifying areas for improvement and discussing any lessons learned from the case.

Legal Counselling

We can continue to provide legal advice and counselling on related matters, potential legal risks, or preventive measures to avoid future litigation.

Document Review

Let’s review and update your legal documents, contracts, or agreements to reflect the changes resulting from the litigation outcome.

Risk Assessment

We can look at risk management strategies to minimise the likelihood of future legal disputes and proactively protect your legal interests.

Our Litigation & Commercial Disputes Team

Sam Ferraro

Director of Ferraro & Singh Lawyers

Sam Ferraro

Director of Ferraro & Singh Lawyers

Sam Ferraro

Director of Ferraro & Singh Lawyers

Kirtan Swamy


Kirtan Swamy


Kirtan Swamy


Olga Tatiana Holguin


Olga Tatiana Holguin


Olga Tatiana Holguin


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